About the Book:

In the snowy reaches of ancient land ruled by witches and demons, the young prince Fafhrd battles his clan for his honor and freedom.
Beset by the spells of his evil mother and enchanted by the dancing of a beautiful actress, Fafhrd is driven into exile by his uncontrollable desire for adventure and exotic love. Meanwhile, the apprentice magician – the Gray Mouser – returns to Nehwon from a quest only to find his master, the great white wizard, dead. With revenge in his heart, the Gray Mouser risks everything to inflict vengeance on the evil Duke, gaining in the process an unholy access to the evil arts of black magic.
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser — brothers in arms — meet one dark night in the great and amoral city of Lankhmar, the glittering gem of Nehwon. Fighting side by side, they cement a friendship that will span the ages and lead them to the outer reaches of Nehwon and beyond…


Let me start by saying I liked the writing, loved the story, and characters. I could not stand the reader of this audio book. I thought I would have to stop this book several times but I pushed on because I truly liked the stories. It was a shame because I was very much looking forward to this book. A fantasy classic. I will definitely be reading more from this series, but I will pass on the audio books if this reader is involved!

2/5 stars for the Audio book only!