Ok, It’s that time of the week where I explore my ever-growing TBR stacks. I think we all probably have these huge stacks of books lying around that “one of these days” we will read. I hope it is not just me anyways. I thought each week I would just pick a book or series and shed some light on them and why I got them to read in the first place. I hope everybody will share what they think and get me reading them or maybe stick them back in the TBR stack. Thanks everybody!

This week I am going with Chronicles of the Black Company (The Black Company vol. 1) and The Books of the South: Tales of the Black Company (The Black Company vol. 2) by Glen Cook. I know I should have read these books a long time ago, but I have not for some reason. I know I really need to read them. Seems like everybody is always recommending them and telling me how great they are. These books are definitely at the top of my TBR stacks. I can’t wait to dig into them (someday soon I hope!).

Both of these books are available NOW from Tor books!

About the books:


Chronicles of the Black Company

  • Series: Chronicles of The Black Company vol. 1
  • Paperback: 704 pages
  • Publisher: Tor Books (November 13, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0765319233
  • ISBN-13: 978-0765319234

Darkness wars with darkness as the hard-bitten men of the Black Company take their pay and do what they must. They bury their doubts with their dead.

Then comes the prophecy: The White Rose has been reborn, somewhere, to embody good once more…

This omnibus edition comprises The Black Company, Shadows Linger, and The White Rose–the first three novels in Glen Cook’s bestselling fantasy series.


The Books of the South: Tales of the Black Company

  • Series: The Black Company
  • Paperback: 672 pages
  • Publisher: Tor Books; 1st edition (June 10, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0765320665
  • ISBN-13: 978-0765320667
Marching south after the ghastly battle at the Tower of Charm, the Black Company is hounded by shadowy figures every inch of the way.
The game is on: the Company versus the Shadowmasters, deadly creatures that deal in darkness and sorrow.
When hope dies, there’s still survival. And there’s still the Black Company.
The Book of the South is the second omnibus of novels from one of the greatest fantasy epics of our age, Glen Cook’s Black Company series—collecting Shadow Games, Dreams of Steel, and The Silver Spike.

About the author:

Glen Cook was born in New York City, lived in southern Indiana as a small child, then grew up in Northern California. After high school he served in the U.S. Navy and attended the University of Missouri. He worked for General Motors for 33 years, retiring some years ago. He started writing short stories in 7th grade, had several published in a high school literary magazine. He began writing with malicious intent to publish in 1968, eventually producing 51 books and a number of short fiction pieces.
He met his wife of 43 years while attending the Clarion Writer’s Workshop in 1970. He has three sons (army officer, architect, orchestral musician) and numerous grandchildren, all of whom but one are female. He is best known for his Black Company series, which has appeared in 20+ languages worldwide. His other series include Dread Empire and and the Garrett, P.I. series. His latest work is Working God’s Mischief, fourth in the Instrumentalities of the Night series.