I just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody who comes by my blog!

This week was a big week for me and the mightythorjrs blog. We went past 5000 views and 3000 visitors! 

I don’t think that is too bad for my first 9 months. I am very excited!

So once again Thank You!

I appreciate everyone who comes by, likes, comments, and shares my post! Could not have got to these milestones without you all!

I started this blog just as something for myself, a little therapy of sorts. Something for me to get away from everything going on in my life the past year, and it has helped. It also helps that I have come to know so many great people out there in the blog world! So now I blog for myself and because I know a couple of people are maybe paying attention to what I do.

I hope everybody enjoys the blog and keeps coming by, liking, commenting, and sharing my stuff! I love interacting with everybody!

Thanks again,

James – mightythorjrs