This was a big year for me, I decided to start a blog. Something I never really saw myself doing, but I did it, and It was pretty awesome. I would like to thank everybody for making my first year blogging so wonderful!

I thought I would do a countdown of the most popular post from the last year. The top ten or so post that the readers of MightThorJRS viewed the most.

So here we go…….

I will start off with a honorable mention for this post, It was just outside the top ten but a post that was meaningful to me:

The Most Important Interview of All Time, with Michael R. Fletcher and mightythorjrs.

There was a tie at #10 for a couple of fantastic guest blogs:

Guest blog: Multi-threaded Epic Fantasy: Weaving the Tapestry by Marc Turner author of When the Heavens Fall.

Guest blog: A Wandering Ramble By Michael R. Fletcher, author of Beyond Redemption.

A cover reveal at #9:

Guest Blog/Cover Reveal: The Strength to Serve by Claire Frank

My first big blog tour is at #8:

Blog Tour/Guest Blog: Looking Back or Leaping Forward: The Evolving Fantasy Prose Style by Kameron Hurley author of Empire Ascendant.

At #7 we have a discussion on grimdark:

Round Table Discussion on Grimdark with C.T. Phipps and James Schmidt/mightythorjrs

#6 is a review for one of my top 2 books of the year:

Book Review: Beyond Redemption By Michael R. Fletcher


#5 is my first ever blog tour on MightyThorJRS:

Blog Tour: Guest Blog. Woman can do sex and violence, too by Susan Murray, Author of Waterborne Exile (Waterborne #2).

#4 is a book review on a book from my favorite author:

Book review: The Liar’s Key (The Red Queen’s War Book 2) by Mark Lawrence


#3 is a guest post that blew up and seemed to take on a life of its own:

Guest Blog: Debunking Common Myths about Fantasy Weapons and Armor by Alexis Radcliff author of A Vanishing Glow.

#2 is a guest blog that took me by surprise. It is a very helpful post and everybody seemed to like it as it had almost twice the views as #3:

Guest blog: Five people you need to beta read your novel by Claire Frank

So here we are #1! This post absolutely blew me away by how many views it got. It exceeded all of my expectations. It helps when you get the author and publisher to share your post. It also helps when you are giving something away, especially a book from the great Brandon Sanderson!

Drum roll  please…….#1!

Giveaway: 3 copies of Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson and Tor books.


So there you have it the top ten post of 2015 here on MightyThorJRS!

Thanks again everybody!