As part of the blog tour for The Dinosaur Knights by Victor Milán, the awesome folks over at Tor books have given me 1 copy of The Dinosaur Knights (The Dinosaur Lords 2) by Victor Milán to giveaway! *1 copy to the U.S. and Canada only (no P.O. boxes please)* 

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Giveaway starts with this post on 7/8/16 and will end on 7/17/16 (midnight CO time.). I will draw the winning name and notify them via email. If the winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours, I will draw another name, and so on until I find someone who wants this Awesome fantasy novel!

*1 copy to the U.S. and Canada only (no P.O. boxes please)*


BLOG TOUR: The Dinosaur Knights by Victor Milán and Tor books!

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 The Dinosaur Knights (The Dinosaur Lords 2) by Victor Milán

  • Series: The Dinosaur Lords (Book 2)
  • Hardcover: 448 pages
  • Publisher: Tor Books (July 5, 2016)
  • ISBN-10: 0765332973
  • ISBN-13: 978-0765332974


Paradise is a sprawling, diverse, often cruel world. There are humans on Paradise but dinosaurs predominate: wildlife, monsters, beasts of burden, and of war. Armored knights ride dinosaurs to battle legions of war-trained Triceratops and their upstart peasant crews.

Karyl Bogomirsky is one such knight who has chosen to rally those who seek a way from the path of war and madness. The fact that the Empire has announced a religious crusade against this peaceful kingdom, the people who just wish to live in peace anathema, and they all are to be converted or destroyed doesn’t help him one bit.

Things really turn to mud when the dreaded Grey Angels, fabled ancient weapons of the Gods who created Paradise in the first place come on the scene after almost a millennia. Everyone thought that they were fables used to scare children. They are very much real.

And they have come to rid the world of sin…including all the humans who manifest those vices.

THE DINOSAUR KNIGHTS is the second in Victor Milan’s lush, exotic tale about knights. Knights riding dinosaurs.


“Milán continues writing terrific battle scenes that make full use of the knights’ saurian mounts. Those waiting for George R.R. Martin’s next book may find a new favorite in this explosive saga of brutal warfare and mythology come to life.
Publishers Weekly

“It’s like a cross between Jurassic Park andGame of Thrones.”
George R. R. Martin on The Dinosaur Lords

“Readers who pick this up for the gimmick will relish it for the able storytelling.”

Publishers Weekly on The Dinosaur Lords


Victor Woodward Milán is an American writer known for libertarian science fiction and an interest in cybernetics. In 1986 he won the Prometheus Award for Cybernetic Samurai. He has also written several shared universe works for the Forgotten Realms, Star Trek, and Wild Cards Universes. He has also written books under the pseudonyms Richard Austin (Jove Books The Guardians series), Robert Baron (Jove Books Stormrider series), and S. L. Hunter (Steele series with Simon Hawke, who used the pen name J. D. Masters). He also wrote at least 9 novels under the “house name” of James Axler for the Harlequin Press/Gold Eagle Books Deathlands series & Outlanders series.

VICTOR MILÀN is best known for his award-winning novel Cybernetic Samurai. In previous worlds he’s been a cowboy and Albuquerque’s most popular all-night prog-rock DJ. He’s never outgrown his childhood love of dinosaurs . . . and hopes you didn’t either.