Another awesome interview with Mark Lawrence on

that thorn guy


It’s been a year since my last interview with you and a lot has happened during this year. I can think of several good things as far as your work is concerned. What were your highlights?

It’s been a busy year. My first complete calendar year as a full-time writer. Let me make a list!

–       Released The Wheel of Osheim to a great reception. The whole Red Queen’s War trilogy now being in print.

–       Finished writing Grey Sister.

–       Started and finished writing Holy Sister, thereby completing the Book of the Ancestor trilogy.

–       Started and finished writing a new stand-alone book called Power Word Kill.

–       Started a new Broken Empire book with an old character. I won’t identify them for fear of spoiling earlier books by naming survivor/s.

–       Started writing for a multiplayer Xbox game. A bit of variety!

–       Won the Gemmell Legend Award…

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