As part of my author guest blog series I am proud to present another guest blog spot. Richard Writhen the author of The Hiss Of The BladeA Host of Ills, and A Kicked Cur has been kind enough to write a guest blog post for MightyThorJRS today. I am very excited and I would like to thank Richard for the opportunity to host this Guest Blog. 

 The Hiss Of The Blade

A Host of Ills


A Kicked Cur

by Richard Writhen 


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The Planet, The Gods, and The Magic

by Richard Writhen

Great thanks to Mr. James R. Schmidt for this guest blog post; in it, I would like to announce the release of my first three novels on Amazon KDP. They are paperback releases for the time being; if I receive enough requests for e-book versions I will gladly consider that. However, I for one still prefer and suggest print releases and have yet to even own an electronic reader. Their titles are A Kicked Cur, A Host of Ills and The Hiss Of The Blade; each is the first book in a series, and all three are interrelated. The first two are what I like to call Gothdark, which is a form of weird or gothic fiction that behaves much in the way that Grimdark fantasy does. The second series takes place seventy-five years after the first one begins; and the third one, The Hiss Of The Blade, takes place much later on the timeline (268 years to be exact) and has a much more Grimdark sensibility, kind of hearkening back to the Tolkien “world moved on” motif. It may seem strange to release the first books of three series at once, but it makes sense to me as A Kicked Cur was originally to be book five in a cycle begun by A Host of Ills, yet covers a different era. So, they have become The Shades of Cedron and The Rotes of Rena series respectively. And they will be very alike, with more magic battles than standard warfare; that kind of stuff will be covered in my new third series The Celestial Ways Saga, of which The Hiss of the Blade will be the first part. So, three novellas, each a different time and place; let me focus on three facets that three feature for a moment: The Planet, The Gods, and The Magic.

The Planet: All of my professional work is slated to take place on a planet that I call Cedron, using what I like to call “parallel world ideology”. Like the Earth, a cataclysmic event reordered time there, but rather than the birth of a messiah, their reign ended with the fall of a great empire, that of the Hestians, who evolved from insect life. Much like the Roman Empire did on our world, the Hestian armies conquered other lands ceaselessly; they were later undone through great internal conflict, and time was reordered after their fall. Thus, A Host of Ills takes place 1443 earth years after this event, A Kicked Cur takes place 1518 years later, and The Hiss Of The Blade takes place 1786 years later.

The Gods: Cedron is a single planet held in thrall by six sentient gods and one goddess, as well as one god of pure chaos much like Lovecraft’s Azathoth. Each of the seven lends their energies to creating a magical veil in space to hold back Golaz, as I call him, yet he seeps through it at times and is able to visit the planet. Each represents a separate element of matter except for the last, Hestus, whom is a deity of pure spirit or electricity. Fire, earth, air, water, ice and blood magics are also represented.

The Magic: Much like in other fantasy works, verbal commands as well as devout attention to the needs of the relative “rayl” or deity is necessary. The system works much as David Eddings’ The Belgariad works, with the “will and the word” invoking spell-work. Each deity has a corresponding grimoire and a specific magical system attuned to their worship; thus followers of the blood magic learn to control flesh, whereas someone who is a priest of the ice god will be able to freeze objects much like Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat.

So, three new series. I have them set up and I am now going to go begin work on three standalones … unless people actually buy the darned things! My new projects are going to veer into psychological horror, weird west and GDSF, respectively. But if you are interested in dark, unconventional fantasy speculative fiction, please consider my work; free short fiction can also be found on my own blog at:

Originally from Rhode Island, Richard Writhen also lived in NYC for about ten years. He has been e-published on several notable sites such as, and and is the author of three novellas and several short stories. He writes Gothdark, Grimdark, GDSF and Psychological Horror, and will eventually be exploring the Weird West.


The Hiss Of The Blade (The Celestial Ways Saga) by Richard Writhen 

Two petty mercenaries are falsely accused of switching sides in a feud between two rich and powerful magnates; an ex-miner on the run from a murder charge becomes a reaver and embroiled in a romance; an industrial lieutenant is recruited to help capture a serial killer and an entire city is in danger of being ensorcelled by an ancient monk.



A Host of Ills (The Shades of Cedron) by Richard Writhen

Antisocial tailor Lucylis Sontire’s beloved pet is run over in the street one day by a brutish mine-lord. As he grieves, a strange sorcerer befriends him and they go on a romp through the neighborhood in a quest to create dark magical creatures, but are constantly stymied by the baker’s cat.



A Kicked Cur (The Rotes of Rena) by Richard Writhen 

In which students Wayloch Urser, Daralya Tialu and Renita Blane are about to graduate, but accidentally spy on the supernatural activities of blood witch Gwyndolen Gardner. They panic quite a bit, and Wayloch has a conversation with his father in which he finds out about a nation of vampires. Stalked by a figure in the woods, they conspire to alert the Hill Sheriffs, Brynton and Chatwyn Redglenne, to the fact that there are illegal vampires living in their city.