I have been at this blogging thing over two years now and things are going great. But I am always looking to grow. Things seem to have leveled off recently as far as growing goes. So I wanted to see what I could do to jump start the blog.

I sent a similar post out a few months ago and had some great responses. I wanted to send this out again to let everybody know I have some open guest blog spots/guest review spots.

So if you are a Author or Publisher looking to do a guest blog, blog tour, guest review, book excerpt, book/author spotlight, or any promo post. I am game.

And fellow bloggers if you are wanting to a guest blog, guest review, or maybe a team up of some sort or whatever, lets do this.

Artist, I love art! Want to show off your work? Lets work something out!

Open to idea’s. Shoot me an e-mail and lets talk.

Thanks everybody!

James – MightyThorJRS Fantsasy Sci-Fi Book News and Reviews.