So I have been in a blogging and reading slump. I am just plain burned out. I took a little break from the blog and social media recently. I am sure no one really noticed. So what does this have to do with this book haul post you may ask? I decided to go back to my roots if you will. What got me into Fantasy in the first place. Good Ol’ pulpy Sword and Sorcery! Yes that’s the good stuff! I love it! I feel better already.

So I went to several local used book stores in search of my Sword and Sorcery fix. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to find so much good stuff! Found some amazing books!

So here we go!




Ah yes, Michael Moorcock’s Elric. What could be better. These books are in great shape as well. I just love these old paperbacks, the covers are epic!


Classics I say! Never can go wrong with Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser! And a very rare find indeed, I have been searching for a copy of Hyperborea by Clark Ashton Smith forever it seems. Now I have one!


Found these beauties as well! Jirel of Joiry by C.L. Moore. The first S&S heroine written by a first lady of Fantasy!



Last and certainly not least was this amazing find. A collectors edition of Bloodstone by Karl Edward Wagner. Centipede Press put this out and it is fabulous! I must get the others in this series! Why am I so broke!


First shelf of what I consider my Sword and Sorcery collection! Half the shelf anyway!


And the second shelf of my so called Sword and Sorcery collection.

I need so much more! (want)

Well that’s it for now. These books make me so happy. I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks everyone!