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Cirsova #5: Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine


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Cirsova #5: Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

“For the Spring 2017 issue, Cirsova partnered with contributor Misha Burnett and his Eldritch Earth Geophysical Society, a writing circle whose purpose was to tell Burroughsian stories of adventure in a pre-historic Lovecraftian setting. Rather than take a typical modern approach to the mythos and “Lovecraftian” fiction, which often relies on namedropping mythos heavies and sending detectives and professorial types after cultists, the goal was to tell wholly original stories of heroics and horrors set in the world that Lovecraft hinted at in stories such as At the Mountains of Madness. It is certainly not your typical Lovecraft anthology and is aimed to appeal to both aficionados of Lovecraft’s work and readers who are largely put off by the typical trends in “Lovecraftian” fiction.”

Spring 2017 special Eldritch Earth issue. Burroughsian adventure on a prehistoric Lovecraftian Earth.


  • The First American, by Schuyler Hernstrom

Short Stories

  • War of the Ruby/Shapes In the Fog, by Brian K. Lowe
  • Darla of Deodanth, by Louise Sorensen
  • In the Gloaming O My Darling, by Misha Burnett
  • The Queen of Shadows, by Jay Barnson
  • Beyond the Great Divide, by S.H. Mansouri
  • Through the Star-Thorn Maze, by Lynn Rushlau
  • The Bears of 1812, by Michael Tierney
  • A Killing in Karkesh, by Adrian Cole


  • My Name is John Carter (Pt. 4), by James Hutchings




Cirsova Magazine

“Cirsova is an author-focused publication that aims to provide a semi-pro paying market for writers of action-packed story-driven SFF.”

Cirsova is a 2017 Hugo Award finalist for Best Semi-Pro Zine

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