I have been in a huge reading slump, which puts me in a similar blogging slump. I have been researching, trying to find something to pull me out of the depths of all the same old fantasy books. I went back to my roots, what got me into fantasy, what am I missing? That would be Sword and Sorcery and other good old pulpy spec fic like it. During my search I found Cirvosa Magazine which lead me to Schuyler Hernstrom. This is exactly what I needed. I ordered a copy of Thune’s Vision and I can’t wait to dive in. Check back for a review coming soon!

Thune’s Vision

by Schuyler Hernstrom


So go get your copy!


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Thune’s Vision

by Schuyler Hernstrom

In the tradition of authors like Jack Vance and Robert E. Howard comes an anthology of wonder, adventure, fantasy, and the strange. Schuyler Hernstrom brings fantasy short fiction back to its roots with four short stories and a novella. Each story is a paean to the genre from the days when lurid paperbacks called to us from rickety spinner racks, Burroughs reprints alongside Moorcock and Jakes and many others. This is a collection to savor on a lazy afternoon, a trip into the weird and heroic. Sometimes wry, sometimes brutal, and always entertaining. Grim warlords and dark prophecy, selfish wizards and beautiful women, strange aliens and fatal hubris, all contained within its pages. This anthology will delight the connoisseur who prefers an older vintage and makes no apology. In the fantasy genre what was old is new again. So get in your airbrushed van and buckle up, you are going on a wild trip.

Schuyler Hernstrom spent a great deal of his youth reading and rereading the works of Jack Vance and Robert E. Howard. After two enlistments, an education, and many years abroad he finally found himself ready to make his own contribution to his favorite genres, fantasy and science fiction. His work reflects his love of the written word as well as an abiding interest in the weird and spectacular. He has been a paratrooper, sailor, janitor, bouncer in Roppongi*, librarian, and a dozen other things, bringing a world wise slant to his tales of the fantastic. If you enjoy your bloody action couched in graceful prose and tinted with sadness for lost epochs, then perhaps you will enjoy his work.

*This is one of the easiest places in the world to be a bouncer. If you were thinking Road House you are mistaken.