Very excited to FINALLY receive my copy of this book. This was a awesome Kickstarter and the finished product turned out amazing! I definitely recommend this anthology!

Evil Is a Matter of Perspective

Is out NOW!

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71A9jQBSnGLEvil Is a Matter of Perspective

Villains take center stage in this collection of 19 dark and magical stories. Readers will be cheering for all the wrong heroes as some of the most fearsome, devious, and brutal antagonists perform savage deeds towards wicked ends. And why not? These characters are the champions of their own stories—evil is a matter of perspective.

Contributors also include Mark Adler, Bradley P. Beaulieu, E.V. Morrigan, Peter Orullian, Matthew Ward, Kaaron Warren, Deborah A. Wolf, and Janny Wurts.



“Grimdark lovers gather around! Followers of the most foul follow my lead!  The ultimate anthology of the genre has arrived, and it perfectly captures the despicable, rotten, violent worlds and people of all our favorite authors.”  —Wendell Adams, Bookwraiths


“Hands down, one of the best dark fantasy tomes I’ve ever read. If you like grimdark or fantasy fiction you’ll find a lot to love here.”  —Matthew Summers, Smashdragons


“Beautifully written and a true grimdark pleasure to read.”  —Anna Smith-Spark, author, The Court of Broken Knives


“Had a gritty, soiled feel that left me thirsting for more.”  —M.L Spencer, Our Epic Worlds

About the Author’s

Adrian Tchaikovsky is the author of the acclaimed Shadows of the Apt fantasy series. He lives in Leeds, England. Courtney Schafer is the author of The Whitefire Crossing. She lives in Boulder, Colorado. Michael R. Fletcher is the author of Beyond Redemption. He lives in Toronto, Ontario. Mazarkis Williams is the author of The Emperor’s Knife. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Alex Marshall is a pseudonym for Jesse Bullington, acclaimed author of several novels in different genres including The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart and The Enterprise of Death. He lives in Florida. Jeff Salyards is the author of Scourge of the Betrayer. He lives in Chicago, Illinois. Shawn Speakman is the owner of an online bookstore, The Signed Page, and is a freelance writer for Suvudu. He is the author of The Dark Thorn. He lives in Seattle, Washington. Brian Staveley is an editor for Antilever Press and the author of The Emperor’s Blades. He lives in Vermont. Teresa Frohock is the author of Los Nefilim and Miserere. She lives in North Carolina. Marc Turner is the author of When the Heavens Fall. He lives in Durham, England. R. Scott Bakker is the author of seven critically acclaimed books, including The Darkness That Comes Before and Neuropath. He lives in London, Ontario. Adrian Collins is the editor-in-chief of Grimdark Magazine. He lives in Australia. Mike Myers is the senior editor of Grimdark Magazine. He lives in Australia.