The Awesome Thomas Barczak was nice enough to send me a copy of his book! Can’t wait to check it out! Thanks Tom!

Mouth of the Dragon: Prophecy of the Evarun

by Thomas Barczak

Is Out NOW

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Mouth of the Dragon: Prophecy of the Evarun

by Thomas Barczak

Chaelus, once Roan lord of the House of Malius, now vessel of the Giver reborn, has defeated the dragon of legend. Now he must try to rescue his brother, and his kingdom, and the pale, from beyond the Dragon’s Veil.

But the dragon of legend isn’t lost. It rises in the east amongst the drums of war, and will not release its hold on the vessel of prophecy who defeated it before, the souls of the ones he loves, and the order of knights who vow to serve him.

Unable to save his brother, Chaelus finds the exiled knights who wait for him have been betrayed. But even with all the power of prophecy at his summons he cannot protect them.

He must confront the Dragon again as prophecy has foretold.

With the remnants of his followers he pursues the Dragon to its hold among the Theocratic States, and the heart of the dragon’s new queen, where he finds the blood of his past has returned to reclaim him.

And even with all the power of prophecy at his summons he cannot defend against it.

Tempted with the return of everything he’s lost, and abandoned by the prophecy he’s vowed to serve, he falls, succumbing to the spell of the dragon’s sleep, where he learns once more, the dragon you hunt is the dragon within you.

His only hope to defeat the dragon for good, and save the pale from its slumber, will be to sacrifice the one thing he has never truly surrendered, himself.






Thomas Barczak is an artist, turned architect, turned writer, who finally got around to actually writing the stories he started dreaming about as a kid.

His work includes the illustrated epic fantasy novel, Veil of the Dragon, the Kindle serials, Awakening Evarun (Parts I-VI) and Wolfbane (Parts 1-2 of 3), along with numerous short stories and flash fiction, including those published in “Heroika 1 – Dragon Eaters”, “Nine Heroes”, “Terror by Gaslight”, and “What Scares the Boogeyman”, as well as two volumes of the award winning “Heroes in Hell” series, “Dreamers in Hell”, and “Poets in Hell”.

He writes because he can’t not. He writes because he needs to tell the stories he already started on way before, in his paintings, in his poetry, and even before that, sitting around a table with friends, slaying dragons.


Twitter: @barczaktom