The wonderful people over at Orbit were awesome enough to send me a copy of this fantastic book! Thanks Orbit! I can’t wait to read and review!

The Court of Broken Knives (Empires of Dust)

by Anna Smith Spark

IS due out August 15, 2017!

So go get your copy!

Check out Anna Smith Spark’s guest post:

Guest Blog: On Writing Violence in a Violent World by Anna Smith Spark author of The Court of Broken Knives














In this dark and gripping debut, the exiled son of the king must fight to reclaim his throne no matter the cost.

It is the richest empire the world has ever known, and it is also doomed. Governed by an imposturous Emperor, decadence has blinded its inhabitants to their vulnerability. The Yellow Empire is on the verge of invasion–and only one man can see it.Haunted by prophetic dreams, Orhan has hired a company of soldiers to cross the desert to reach the capital city. Once they enter the Palace, they have one mission: kill the Emperor, then all those who remain. Only from the ashes can a new empire be built.

The company is a group of good, ordinary soldiers, for whom this is a mission like any other. But the strange boy Marith who walks among them is no ordinary soldier. Young, ambitious, and impossibly charming, something dark hides in Marith’s past–and in his blood

“Fierce, gripping fantasy. exquisitely written; bitter, funny, and heart-rending by turns.”―Adrian Tchaikovsky, Arthur C. Clarke Award winner for Children of Time“Grim, gritty, and fast paced; with great battles scenes! Anna Smith-Spark is one to watch.”―Andy Remic, author of the Blood Dragon Empire series

“Anna Smith-Spark writes in a unique voice with such pace and veracity your imagination has to struggle to keep up with your eyes.”―Adrian Collins, Grimdark Magazine

“On a par with R. Scott Bakker.”―Grimdark Alliance

“Captivating.”―Marc Turner, author of the Chronicles of the Exile series

“Holy crap, this is good!”―Grim Tidings






Anna Smith Spark lives in London, UK. She loves grimdark and epic fantasy and historical military fiction. Anna has a BA in Classics, an MA in history and a PhD in English Literature. She has previously been published in the Fortean Times and the poetry website Previous jobs include petty bureaucrat, English teacher and fetish model.

Anna’s favourite authors and key influences are R. Scott Bakker, Steve Erikson, M. John Harrison, Ursula Le Guin, Mary Stewart and Mary Renault. She spent several years as an obsessive D&D player. She can often be spotted at sff conventions wearing very unusual shoes.