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Creating A Fantasy World and The Process Behind The Sword to Unite

by Peter Hopkins, Author of The Sword to Unite


In the least egotistical way possible, I’ll say authors have a duty to make a believable and interesting world for their stories. The key reason for this is immersion, how can someone get lost in the world that doesn’t exist if they can’t have a clear picture of said world?

The first step I took in creating the world for my novel was with a blank sheet of print paper. I drew out a slice of land that looked more like a blob of food someone had dropped on the floor. I added a few trees, some mountains, a river here or there, and it started looking like something more real. Then, I added settlements, holy sites, ancient road markers. By far the most important part of world building is adding a history to the world’ sure somebody lives in a hovel built in the ruins of a castle, but who lived in that castle? Why is the castle in ruins? Who destroyed the castle, are they still an active power in the world today? The best thing to do when creating a world using this process is to ask a question for every marker you put down, it’ll be a great exercise for world building. After a few weeks of tweaks and polishing the finer details, I had a workable map. This is the first map done for the book, which shows the complete map of what the story follows, starting at Orford in the south and ending at the ruins of Broken Fang.




I completed The Sword to Unite as part of my senior thesis regarding the Hero’s Journey, as well as the legend of King Arthur and myths of the Anglo-Saxon people. For years I had dreamt up the world the story inhabits, but I never wrote any of it down, save for my maps. It felt wrong, almost like I was stepping into unknown territory. In some ways, I regret this, but also think that by waiting to tell the right story, I was more satisfied with the result. My first idea for the thesis was pretty much a Gladiator rip-off, and the next might as well have been Assassin’s Creed fanfiction. What I’m trying to say is, don’t be afraid to question your ideas when you write. If I just went with whatever came into my mind while brainstorming, my world and story would be an incoherent mess. Instead, I waited. I researched classic legends and began to understand what makes a story immersive. By spending time letting my thoughts stew, I could tackle every idea one at a time, rather than changing major plot points halfway through the first draft. My main point I’m trying to get across is that planning and patience to go a long way not only in writing, but in life itself.

I want to thank James so much for getting this opportunity to share my process with you all and I hope you enjoyed it. If you are interested in my book, be sure to check out the link below and be sure to visit my blog for more artwork and posts on the history of the fantasy world. Be sure to also subscribe to James’ blog, it really is great for fans of classic medieval fantasy!








The Sword to Unite

by Peter Hopkins 

It is an age of rebirth in the kingdoms of the north. Cedric, lord of Orford, a man plagued by dark dreams of omens, and the true heir of the long lost hero Adalgott, is thrown from his peaceful life and swept into a world of chaos. When a mysterious tome is stolen, Cedric sets out to avenge a fallen friend, and uncover the truth behind his visions. In the Kingdom of Lorine, Cedric learns of an ancient prophecy, and the return of Azrael, a wraith of corruption and decay. Cedric must find the blade, Geanlaecan, for only in its burning power can the dark tide of Azrael, the ancient enemy of man, be turned back. Cedric does not journey alone, lords, mercenaries, magi, and beasts of forests flock to the banner of the true king. In Midland, a kingdom to the north, Cedric meets with politicking lords, and the grizzled Vine King, ruler of Prav and master of Midland. Cedric must unite the squabbling lords of the north if there is to be any chance of survival.

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