So with the long Labor Day weekend I decided to go though my books. I had some I no longer wanted so I always trade them in at my local used book store. I always get store credit, and it usually last quite a while because I am picky on what books I collect. Oh, but not this time! They actually had exactly what I was looking for. My lucky day!

I was able to pick up all of these vintage paperbacks of Sword and Sorcery greats! I have been searching for a while now to add these to my collection, but never seem to find them locally. The best part was I got rid of some stuff I was done with and was able to get these great books with no money spent. Win – Win!

I can’t wait to enjoy these new books! I love collecting vintage paperbacks and Sword and Sorcery is my favorite. Any tips or recommendations on where to find more? Any stories of your own great book haul’s? Let me know!


James – Mighty Thor JRS










Great Conan books from Robert E. Howard and L.Sprague De Camp, Lin Carter. With fantastic Frank Frazetta cover art!



I love these Berkley editions! Robert E. Howard stories edited by Karl Edward Wagner. Then the wonderful Ken Kelly cover art!




Fantastic haul of Fritz Leiber’s outstanding Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series! I know the Swords and Ice Magic cover is the great Michael Whelan.  Also picked up the Classic The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson. Such a great book haul, very lucky to find all of these books!