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Some more great post this week (or two).

Here is a list with links in case you missed anything.





Wed. 9/27/17 –

Definitive Sword and Sorcery: Bran Mak Morn by Robert E. Howard


Thurs. 9/28/17 –

Check This Out: Cool Kickstarter, Fateful Signs – The Illustrated Voluspa By Sam Flegal


Wed. 10/4/17 –

Definitive Sword and Sorcery: Kull by Robert E. Howard


Monday 10/9/17 –

Check This Out, Cool Kickstarter: Riyria Fantasy Novel – Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter by Michael J. Sullivan


Tuesday 10/10/17 –

Check This Out, Cool Kickstarter: Tales From the Magician’s Skull


Wednesday 10/11/17 –

Definitive Sword and Sorcery: Conan by Robert E. Howard


Thursday 10/12/17 –

Book Haul: Skelos – The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy #1 & #2.


Friday 10/13/17 –

Book Haul: Cirsova – Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine #1 & #2.





Thanks to everybody who came by the blog this week (or two)!


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