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Conan inspired 80’s Cartoons?

by David Thomas


So, in the 80’s, when I discovered Conan, I had the novels, the movies, and the comic books to feed my obsession. Also, while my friends were all watching a daily after-school dose of Transformers and GI Joe, I was drawn to cartoons I found more Conan-esque. Namely Thundarr the Barbarian and Thundercats.


Now, everyone thought I should love He-Man because he was a Conan figure, right? Not really at all. He’s more of a Hercules figure. A do-gooder Superman type. Nah, I never really cared for He-Man that much. He wasn’t flawed enough.


Thundarr was basically Conan in the Gamma World future. It was dark and gritty (for an 80’s Hanna Barbara cartoon), and Thundarr ultimately solved everything by going Barbarian on it. Magic was super science, which has always been one of my interpretations of REH’s Hyborian magic anyway. I didn’t really understand why Ookla had to be there, since he was just a strong, rage-y character like Thundarr. I just figured it was probably to bring in the Star Wars Chewbacca crowd. Anyway, Thundarr was great. I didn’t actually catch it when it was on as much as I would have liked, but when I did it was pure Conan TV to me.


The other Conan-esque cartoon I loved, Thundercats! Lord Lion-O was totally a Conan figure. He grew to an adult because of a malfunction in his suspended animation capsule. This made him more naive, and to me thus more Barbarian. He was the leader of the Thundercats, but he had to learn how to rule. He succeeded because of an iron will. He pushed on through adversity and won the day against the odds, embodying “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

My sister and I used to tune in every day. There was a 5 part storyline that was the best of the best. The Trials of Lord Lion-O. In one of these Lion-O has to beat Cheetara in a race. It should be impossible, but like Conan in Frost Giants Daughter, he perseveres and wins. Great stuff.

I don’t know how either of these cartoons would live up to my memory, but to a Conan loving teen in the 80’s they were pure gold.


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