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In today’s post I present Death, one of the legendary group of bounty hunters known as the “Riders”:

It was a dark man sitting on a horse holding a long-handled axe. The man’s hair grew long on his right side, hanging down straight to his shoulders. On the left side, his head was completely shaven. Above the waist, he wore only a sort of leather harness that left his chest and arms free. From it hung a lot of axes of different shapes and sizes.

The moon vanished for a moment and then reappeared even brighter than before. Now Astolf could see that the man’s body was covered with tattoos. They grew thickly, like a forest; the colours and shapes dazzled his eyes in the moonlight.


Death can’t talk or read; he communicates by pointing at the tattoos on his body. I will try and interpret what he means.

He is pointing at a book and a skull – Death thinks this novel is terrible. I read it to him and he stopped me about halfway through.

Why is this book so bad? He is indicating an axe. I think that Death would have liked more details of his killing techniques and more focus on his part in the story.

That man you are pointing to – is that Dayraven, the main character? Yes. Death hates the way the novel shows his first fight with Dayraven, although I can’t say more so as not to spoil it for readers.

Now he’s indicating a skull. Yes, there is another fight between you and Dayraven later on, but I won’t tell you what happens. Now he’s threatening me with an axe! I think he wants me to say that he kills Dayraven in the end, but I am not going to give away any plot details.

Ha ha – he’s pointing to a tattoo of coins! Death wants me to admit that I was paid to write negatively about him and his profession. Well, I wasn’t – what would fantasy writers do without bounty hunters and assassins?

Now he’s leaving, and I don’t like the look of that tattoo on his backside… .








by S. C. Flynn


A face without a face – an unmasking that leaves the mask.

Once every few hundred years, the sun god, the Akhen takes on human form and descends to earth. Each Unmasking of the Face of the Akhen ends one era and begins another; the last one created the Faustian Empire. Where and when will the Face next appear, and who will he – or she – be?

Dayraven, son of a great hero, returns to Faustia after years as a hostage of their rivals, the Magians. Those years have changed him, but Faustia has changed as well; the emperor Calvo now seems eccentric and is controlled by one of Dayraven’s old enemies. Following the brutal death of his old teacher, Dayraven is drawn, together with a warrior woman named Sunniva, into the search for an ancient secret that would change the fate of empires.

Powerful enemies want the secret as well, including a dynasty of magician-kings who were thought to have died out long before, a mad, murderous hunchback and a beautiful, deadly woman who is never seen. Sunniva and Dayraven fight to survive and to solve the mystery while their own pasts come back to life and the attraction between them deepens.

The Hidden Face is a fantasy mystery drenched in the atmosphere of the Early Middle Ages and in Kabbalistic riddles, and is the first book in the Fifth Unmasking series.

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S. C. Flynn




 SC. Flynn was born in a small town in South West Western Australia. He has lived in Europe for a long time; first the United Kingdom, then Italy and currently Ireland, the home of his ancestors. He still speaks English with an Australian accent, and fluent Italian.


He reads everything, revises his writing obsessively and plays jazz. His wife Claudia shares his passions and always encourages him.

 S.C. Flynn has written for as long as he can remember and has worked seriously towards becoming a writer for many years.


THE HIDDEN FACE is his second novel and the first book in the Fifth Unmasking series.

 S.C. Flynn blogs at He is on Twitter @scyflynn and on Facebook.


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