This is a open call to all my fellow Robert E. Howard Enthusiast and Experts.

I am looking for contributors, some awesome people that would like to do a guest blog post, write an article, write a guest review, spotlight their REH related works. I would like to provide a platform to keep the spirit of this great author and man alive for many future generations. I would be honored for Robert E. Howard scholars to share their vast knowledge and for enthusiast to well, share their enthusiasm!  I enjoy sharing my love for REH and his many tales, but I would like to hear from others and let everyone be able to share. Most important I want to let as many people as I can know about all the goings on in the Robert E. Howard fan community.

So please share this post around. If you know someone that would be perfect for this let them know, or let me know about them.

I am not looking for anything out of this, I just want to provide a platform for others with my same passion and share with as many like minded people as I can.

So get in touch!


Thanks everybody! Can’t wait to hear from you all!

James Schmidt – Mighty Thor JRS



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