I was excited to get my copy of this book. I have been looking forward to this ever since I heard it would be coming out. I would have really liked to have got my hands on the Hardcover and had it signed at Howard Days 2018, but alas I was unable to go (next year!) As soon as I saw this was available on Amazon I ordered it. Great looking book, I am looking forward to reading and reviewing, so keep an Eye out!


For today’s spotlight we have:

The Robert E. Howard Guide

by Patrice Louinet








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I wanted to include this photo for those who are interested in just what exactly the contents are!

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The Robert E. Howard Guide by Patrice Louinet


Presenting the English translation of the award-winning book that introduced a new generation of French fans to the father of sword and sorcery. The Robert E. Howard Guide was born out of years of scholarship, but took its final form after answering the same questions from fans over and over again. In many ways, Howard remains a “famous unknown writer, “the man who single handedly defined modern fantasy, but whose life and works are still known mostly filtered through adaptations, pastiches and gross approximations. Because of those specificities, he is more often than not known for what and who he wasn’t, for sentences he never wrote, or for characters who bear little resemblance—if any—to his original creations. This, in turn, explains how and why this book was conceived. It is sometimes amusing, sometimes sarcastic, but, built on 30 years of Howard scholarship, it is always insightful. A serious work… that tries not to take itself too seriously.


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Patrice Louinet is the editor of the definitive, three-volume, Conan series (Del Rey Books). On the Board of directors of the Robert E. Howard Foundation since its inception in 2006, he has edited numerous Howard books, as well as authoring essays and introductions, and has acted as the Howard adviser on the immensely successful Conan boardgame from Monolith. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Robert E. Howard Foundation in 2014 and was twice nominated for the Grand Prix de I’Imaginaire. He is presently completing his PhD dissertation on Howard at La Sorbonne, Paris (American Literature and Civilization Department), among other endeavors. Patrice lives in Paris, France, with his wife and son.