It was my birthday early last month and I received an Amazon gift card. What else am I going to spend it on, BOOKS!

To be more specific Robert E. Howard books to add to my collection.

The fourth and final book I added to my collection is:

A Means to Freedom:

The Letters of H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard Vol. 2


I have been sharing my Birthday book Haul all week.

Hope everyone enjoyed!








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Both volumes in my collection!


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My entire birthday book haul!








A Means to Freedom:
The Letters of H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard Volume Two: 1933-1936
Hippocampus Press 
Year : August 2009 (Hardcover)
March 2011 (Trade paperback)

January 2017 (Trade paperback, 2nd edition)
Book No. : ISBN-13: 9780981488806 (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780984480296 (Trade paperback)
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Trade paperback
Pages : 493 (Volume 1 & Volume 2 = 1004 pages)
Cover art : David C. Verba
Illustrations : None 
  A Means to Freedom Volume 2

Other editions: None
Edited by S. T. Joshi, David E. Schultz, and Rusty Burke
To H.P. Lovecraft, March 6, 1933,
“I have just read your recent letter . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, April 23, 1933,
“I’m enclosing some of the latest views . . .”
Untitled (“They were there, in the distance dreaming”) (poem)
Untitled (“Under the grim San Saba hills”) (poem)
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. July 1933,
“Glad we got the physical-mental . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. August 1933,
“I am sending on to you . . .”
To H. P. Lovecraft, dated July 9, 1933,
“Ruins of Fort McKavett . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. September or October 1933,
“I was very sorry to hear . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, November 3, 1933,
“Glad you liked the rattles.”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. November 1933,
“I am so submerged in work. . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, December 3, 1933,
“Glad you found the cat article . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. January 1934,
“I enjoyed very much your account . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. January 1934,
“I deeply appreciate your sympathetic expressions . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, March 24, 1934,
“Here’s a little item which might interest you . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. May 1934,
“Glad you’re having such a good time . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. June 1934,
“Glad you’re finding your stay in Florida . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. July 1934,
“I started writing this months ago.”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. September 1934,
“Thanks very much for the post-cards.”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. December 1934,
“I read your account of your trip . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. January 1935,
“I have finally found time . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. May 1935,
“The reason I haven’t answered . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. July 1935,
“Thanks very much for the fine postcard views . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, October 3, 1935,
“Here are some clippings . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, December 5, 1935,
“A rather belated reply . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, February 11, 1936,
“Glad you enjoyed the dream write-up . . .”
To H.P. Lovecraft, partial draft of May 13 letter.
To H.P. Lovecraft, May 13, 1936,
“I am indeed sorry to hear . . .”
“With a Set of Rattlesnake Rattles”
This is from an unidentified letter to HPL along with a set of rattlesnake rattles.
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. mid-October 1932,
“Here is the emblem of a lethal form of life . . .”
“The Beast from the Abyss”


Info from Howard Works.

A great resource!






A Means to Freedom:

The Letters of H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard Vol. 2

In the second volume of the letters of H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard, the two authors continue their wide-ranging discussion of such central issues as the relative value of barbarism and civilization, the virtues of the frontier and of settled city life, and other related issues. Lovecraft regales Howard with his extensive travels up and down the eastern seaboard, including trips to Quebec, Florida, and obscure corners of New England, while Howard writes engagingly of his own travels through the lonely stretches of Texas. Each has great praise for the other’s writings in Weird Tales and elsewhere, and each conducts searching discussions of literature, philosophy, politics, and economics in the wake of the depression and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s election. World affairs, including the rise of Hitler and Mussolini, also engage their attention. All letters are exhaustively annotated by the editors, and the volume concludes with an extensive bibliography of both writers as well as the publication of a few letters to Lovecraft from Robert E. Howard’s father, Dr. I. M. Howard, in the wake of his son’s tragic and unexpected suicide.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=detail